1:1 Baking Class

Available Class in March


-Genoise Class (Basic)

Plain genoise, Choco genoise, Swiss Roll Cake Sheet(finish with fresh fruits and cream)

-Dacquoise Class (Inter)

Almond Meringue biscuit with sanding buttercream (Raspberry, Choco, Yuzu, Matcha)

-Petit Tart Class (Inter)

Fresh Blueberry Tart, Almond Tart, Egg Tart

-Matcha Gateau Class  (Inter)

Matcha Chocolate Gateau with Matcha Cream icing

-Madeleine Class  (Basic)

(Earl Grey, Matcha, In-Jeol-Mi, Plain)

-Butter Cookie Class  (Basic)

(Vanilla, Choco, Matcha, Coffee)

-Fraisier Class  (Inter)

(Strawberry Cake)

All class is included Recipes, All Ingredients, Theory class, Gift box/bag packaging.

The class will be held in Korean/English which way you want.

All class is recommended for Adults (or some classes are from 13 years old)


*Available Date in March


3/9(Mon) 17:00-20:00

3/12(Thu) 17:00-20:00

3/24(Tue) 17:00-20:00

3/27(Fri) 17:00-20:00

3/28(Sat) 9:00-12:00 / 13:00-16:00

3/29(Sun) 9:00-12:00 / 13:00-16:00  BOOKED


If you are interested in taking the class,

contact us through the Order/Contact page.