March Macarons


*****Flavor of March*****


-Earl Grey

-Pure Milk

-Dark Choco Orange

-Roasted Yellow Bean (In-Jeol-Mi)


– 12 macarons in a gift box         $30

– 1 macaron                                  $2.5

*Pick-up date: 20th March(Fri), 21st March(Sat), 22nd March(Sun)

*Pre-order is closed now.


We recommend having macarons immediately after buying it

or putting them in the fridge to have later.

The original taste and texture can be damaged when stored at room temperature.

*Chewy and a bit hard taste: Eat right after from the fridge.

*Soft and a bit chewy: Thaw 5-10mins after from the fridge.

Refrigerated storage 2-3 days / Frozen storage 21 days